Blackjack 21 App Reviews

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very solid blackjack game with smart interaction within the game...even at the price, just as good as the more expensive ones!

Tricky Controls but still probably the sleekest looking 21 out there

This is a really "weird" game when only looking at the controls, which are difficult to get used to, but the graffics are sleek and the gameplay is smooth. Its just you against the dealer, which is what 21 is all about, unlike those other games in which you share the table with 2 or 3 other players. Its a great game and worth the money if you put the time into learning the controls.


Very good but I am unable to split. Thats the only fault that the game has


this game is quite good, controls are simple, swipe left to surrender. swipe right to stay swipe down to hit swipe up to split and double tap to..well double. wish you could control how much you bet in the next round, apart from that, its really good gameplay, I think they updated this or something cause its not laggy on mine and this is the best Blackjack I have bought off the Apps Store, I have all the Blackjack Apps


a very fun blackjack game with tons of settings and options to choose from. get if you love blackjack!!


Interface is good. Lots of settings. However serious flaws in card settings / odds. Despite playing heads up with dealer he is more than 8 times more likely than you to draw 21. This combined with other odds miscalculations make this a waste of time for practice. Save your money for the table.

Good overall

Interface and controls are well done. Game is a little laggy at times it seems, which is not like the smooth as butter version that was on installer a few months ago. Perhaps this can be improved. Worse lag now with 3.0 firmware. Hopefully this and the odds can be fixed.

Best Blackjack For iPhone/iPod

I used this program when it was in its early development stages and loved it then. The betting system is first class a great touch (pun intended) Looking forward to theme support however that gets implemented with or without Installer.

DONT buy

This game has many bugs! Wont let me adjust settings! So wrong you cant get refund!!!

Screen Freezes!

Ive not finished a game yet because the screen keeps freezing. Have had to close out and come back a day later each time and start over. Rip off

Great start, needs a few tweaks.

The actual play is nice and this blackjack game is a pleasure to play! Worth the money if... 5 Major requests for the next version please!!! 1. I should be able to specify how much money I bring to the table. Limiting it to $200 is extremely limiting. If the minimum bet is $200, I cant even double down on the first hand!!! 2. Multi-player mode 3. Keep in-depth statistics on game play 4. Be able to set up multiple accounts so multiple players can keep track of their unique statistics. 5. Be able to adjust minimum bet to whatever you want; from $1 to $1,000,000 Its still addictive, but then again I may have a slight gambling problem. :)

Great app... couple of things missing

This is a great Blackjack app. great graphic and game play - im addicted!! But I would like to see a "Repeat Bet" button as well as a "Cancel Bet" - for when I accidentally hit the 5000 chip. I would also like to see an option to turn on/off minimum betting.

Great game!

This is a nice Blackjack game. Worth the money.

Very Nice BlackJack game!

I have this game and 21 Pro: BlackJack. I like them both, but I would have a hard time saying which one is better. This game is not only very fun, but it is very pretty. I LOVE the idea of having themes like Saloon and Japan. I would love to see a Landscape view in this game. I would also like to see more tables and decks come along a bit more rapidly. Ever since my purchase, there have been NO new themes uploaded to MobileAge. ATTN MobileAge: Probably the biggest thing that bothers me is that when all of your money runs out, your 0s turn into the default amount of $175. without ANYTHING stating that the game is over or that you have run out of cash. Its as if there is NO recourse for going broke, in fact sometimes you have to look to see if your not paying attention. MobileAge, PLEASE fix this in a future update!!! At least in 21 Pro:BlackJack, I have to restart the game when my money runs out. This means something to me - Sure, it may be an inconvenience, but you know what? - We need SOME sort of nagative price for going broke!!! NOT to have the pocket that automatically replenishes itself. Fix that, and I would give this game 5 stars.

loved it

i loved it when i bought it. but now that i see the price is 2 bucks, im upset cus i bought it for 5. :(

Solid Application

This is one of the first apps I bought for my Iphone and its fun. Especially for the $2 price. No problems at all with the application.

Needs some work

Great game it is designed well and works great except for when you start getting alot of money the game freezes and crashes the Iphone. a am currently at 124,000$ and i can no longer play the game because it crashes each time i try to bid. If it was not for that i would give it 5 stars. It really Needs a update.

Good game, but...

whats with the sound of chips splashing? You need to go to a casino and observe a game of blackjack to capture the experience in a game. Please give us a way to adjust the volume independent of the main volume.


To many pushes. The dealer has 20 way too many times. This game is not random at all.

Get it

Its only $1.99. This game has many different settings to choose from and appears to be the best player vs dealer blackjack Ive seen. Although, some of the other reviews are true, it could use a few tweeks. But well worth two bucks!

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